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Have you and your partner become more like roommates than soulmates?

Do you feel disappointed and discouraged because your relationship hasn’t turned out to be what you always dreamed it would be like?? Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever again be happy in your relationship?

Does having small, everyday conversations lead to arguments and power struggles? Has your sex life become routine, infrequent, or nonexistent? Do you feel unappreciated, misunderstood, or ignored by your partner and angry, frustrated, or resentful toward him/her in return? Have your efforts to connect with your partner either not worked or made things between you even worse?

You are not alone if you went into your marriage or serious relationship believing that…

…it would always be romantic, that the passion you shared at the beginning of the relationship would never fade, that your sex life would always be exciting and fulfilling, that the two of you would always be best friends, and that you would always be cherished and respected by your partner.

Then, for whatever reason, it all went wrong …

Now here you are in a relationship that isn’t working. You and your partner are caught in a vicious cycle of negative interactions that neither of you can seem to break and that are threatening to destroy your relationship. You’re miserable and your partner likely is too. Something needs to change and I can help.

All is not lost!

It is absolutely possible for you and your partner to rebuild your relationship so that it is filled with compassion, excitement, and intimacy. I help couples just like you everyday renew the love they once shared and establish a secure and lasting bond with one another.

You deserve a satisfying relationship.

Intimate relationships are a vital part of most people’s lives, and it can be devastating when the connection that exists between partners becomes damaged or broken. The good news is that this connection can often be restored and strengthened. Through repairing your ineffective relationship patterns and implementing proven relationship-building techniques, together we can:

  • Resolve current conflicts and past resentments.
  • Re-establish the connection and joy in your relationship.
  • Build a passionate and fulfilling sex life.
  • Create an intimate bond filled with affection and trust.

But wait…

Our problems are so huge I’m not sure they can be resolved.

It is totally understandable you might feel this way since your previous attempts to resolve the problems in your relationship haven’t been very productive. In fact, most couples who come to therapy feel that they’ve hit insurmountable obstacles in their relationship. It has been my experience as a therapist that problems are workable, no matter how big they might seem, when both you and your partner are willing to put forth the effort and courage necessary to re-create your relationship.

We’ve been to counseling before and it didn’t work.  Why will it be different this time?

This is a great question and one that many couples ask when they feel stuck in their relationships. What I have found and what most clients find is that, when even just one of the following factors is different from your previous therapy experience, it can cause a huge shift in the outcome of the couples’ therapy:

  • Your level of comfort with the therapist,
  • The approach/philosophy that sets the tone of the work, and
  • The willingness of you and/or your partner to adopt a different mindset about the therapy and/or your relationship.

Do you only work with couples who want to improve their relationship?

Absolutely not! I work with both individuals and couples who are at all different stages of a relationship. This includes people who:

  • want premarital counseling
  • are trying to figure out whether to continue their relationship
  • have already decided its time to end their relationship and want some help making that transition as painless as possible for everyone involved
  • went through a painful breakup, either recently or a while ago, and just can’t seem to move on with their lives
  • are sick of being in one bad relationship after another and want to have better relationships in the future

There’s no shortage of therapists around here. Why should we work with you as opposed to someone else?

I have a unique perspective to offer couples, due to both my training and my own life experience.  The couples I see consistently tell me that they feel strongly supported by me, both as individuals and as a couple, and feel that I “get” them and their problems. I’m also quite skilled at seeing beyond the surface complaints and focusing instead on the core issues that need to be addressed in order to heal and strengthen your relationships.

What next?

The main purpose of this website is to let you know that I’m here, that I have a great deal of respect for individuals and couples who are willing to face their relationship problems with honesty, and that I strongly believe that you can strengthen your relationships through doing this work.

Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have questions or would like more information. When you are ready, I am available to meet with you in my office or for a phone consultation. Take care and let me know how I can help.